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News Link - Entertainment Tonight
August, 2007 — Memphis, TN
Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight appeared as “The King” for the premier of Dance Heads, Elvis Presely inter-active experience at Graceland.

News Link - CBS3
July, 2007 — Philadelphia, PA
Dance Heads invades CBS 3. The latest craze for parties and corporate events, Dance Heads is technology that allows ordinary people to become the stars of their own music video and it invaded CBS 3.

News Link - News6
June, 2007 — Tulsa, OK
Dance Heads appears on the The News On 6 Morning Show, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

News Link - KTLA
June, 2007 — Los Angeles, CA
“Kurt the Cyber Guy’s” segment with Dance Heads which aired on KTLA’s morning show in Los Angels.

News Link - Fox13
May, 2007 — Salt Lake City, UT
Dance Heads is in Fox 13 studio showing us the hottest idea for your children's party or maybe your own.

News Link - Denver
May, 2007 — Denver, CO
Dance Heads appears on News 2 in Denver with our local licensee Murray Englander.

News Link - Art Norman
April, 2007 — Chicago, IL
Dance Heads appears on Art Norman’s Chicago, NBC 5 in Chicago. Making your own music video, “Easy as A-B-C”. Local licensee Robert Broms and Record-A-Hit claims, “Anyone Can Be A Star”!

News Link - Morning Show
April, 2007 — New York City, NY
Dance Heads appears on the Mike and Juliet Morning Show, Fox 11 in New York with Dance Heads Vice President, David Gersh.

News Link - Fox 25
April, 2007 — Boston, MA
Watch as the FOX25 Morning News tried to keep their heads on their body.

News Link - Kickin' It Party
April, 2007
Dance Heads and company vice president of business development, David Gersh, were on hand in Hollywood, California to attend the premiere party for the Kickin it Old Skool movie with Jamie Kennedy.

News Link - Access Hollywood
January, 2007 — Beverly Hills, CA
Dance Heads was a big hit backstage at the 2007 Golden Globes and on Access Hollywood.

News Link - Playboy Mansion
October, 2006 — Beverly Hills, CA
Scott Baio, Kato Kaylan, and the Girls Next-Door were among the celebrity guests who enjoyed Dance Heads and Super Heads at the 2006 Playboy Halloween Party.

News Link - Linkin Park
June, 2006 — Beverly Hills, CA
Members of Linkin Park and Actor Jamie Kennedy participated in their own Dance Heads video at a Warner Bros Event.

News Link - Paris Hilton
June, 2006 — Orange County, CA
Paris Hilton was a surprise guest at a Sweet Sixteen Party in Orange County, CA where she participated in several Dance Heads Videos.

News Link - Louvre
April, 2006
Dance Heads France recently performed at The Louvre for a large event held at this historic site.

News Link - Turner Field
Turner Field, Atlanta, GA — March 2006
Bell South has sponsored and built out a Dance Heads Kiosk inside Turner Field where baseball fans can now participate and make their own video at all Braves home games.

News Link - Dukes
September 10, 2005 — Universal Studios, Hollywood
Dance Heads was incorporated into a screenplay called The Dukes written by actors Robert Davi & Chaz Palminteri after they participated in a Dance Heads video at Universal Studios Hollywood last summer.