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Dance Heads has been a tremendous addition to our Coca-Cola Family Festival program. Our consumers absolutely love it and our Dance Heads events have already created huge demand among our retail customers, which really bolsters our marketing objectives.

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Peter McQueen
Corporate Marketing,
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

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In todays fast paced market its nearly impossible to peak the interest or even capture the attention of the average consumer. The cost for consumer data collection can be staggering for corporations and usually yields poor to mediocre results.

Dance Heads, using its patent pending technology based interactive entertainment, focuses on the guest experience while at the same time creating a viral corporate branding tool.

Incorporating our Data Collection Program, designed to identify and communicate with your target market, will take your event based marketing programs or mobile marketing tours to a new level and allow you to easily collect the information that you are looking for.

Our web based data collection programs will drive huge traffic to your website, allow the consumer the chance to download their videos and create a viral marketing piece when they are prompted to send their performance to all of their friends and family.

Each DVD copy or download produced is seen by approximately 47 people in a 3-month period. 100% of the 90-second video is watched from beginning to end and at least 87% watch the videos 3 times or more in a sitting.

Fortune 500 Companies are taking advantage of the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response Dance Heads has on crowds of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, or social status.

Dance Heads is being placed in Sports Venues, Mobile Marketing Tours, Event Based Marketing Programs, Fairs & Festivals as well as New Product Launches.