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How much space does Dance Heads require?
Dance Heads is approximately 10’ Wide X 15’ Deep and will need some additional space for crowds to gather.

Will we need special electrical outlets?
No, Dance Heads will run off an average 20 amp circuit.

Can Dance Heads be set up outside?
Yes, but we will need a completely shaded area or a 10 X 20 tent.

How many people can participate in an hour?
Dance Heads can accommodate approximately 30 to 50 individuals per hour or 10 to 17 groups.

Can Dance Heads only do groups of 3?
No, all of the songs can be done with either 1, 2 or 3 people and each has about 9 different combinations ie. All men, all women, 1 man 2 women, etc.

Do you offer big screen projection or large plasma screens?
Yes, all Dance Heads units can be connected to a big screen projector or plasma for an additional charge adding to the crowds viewing pleasure.

We are having a large event with over 2000 attendees how many people can 1 Dance Heads Unit handle?
Depending on how many other activities are being offered at the event on average 1 unit can service a 4 hour event with approximately 300 to 500 guests. We highly recommend multiple units for events with 500 guests or more or limited time frames.

Is Dance Heads located in my area?
Dance Heads is a national company with corporate owned offices and Licensees throughout the US, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia, South Africa, and Japan.