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I would highly recommend Dance Heads to any event, fair or venue that wanted to spice things up. They know there business and deliver as promised and more! Booking Dance Heads will make YOU a hero!

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Susie Godfrey
Vision Marketing & Promotions, LLC, Agent for Porterville Fair

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Why have Dance Heads at your Fair or Festival? Dance Heads as an attraction draws huge crowds, creates excitement which includes spontaneous laughter, and is a viral corporate branding tool for sponsors large or small through the placement of a sponsors logo on all DVDs as well as the added option of inclusion of their logo in the music video.

Each DVD copy produced is seen by approximately 47 people in a 3-month period. 100% of the 90-second video is watched from beginning to end and at least 87% watch the videos 3 times or more in a sitting.

Simply put, Dance Heads is a draw that will increase attendance at your Fair or Festival through word of mouth ultimately adding to higher food sales and entry fees.

Most fairs opt to bring in one or multiple corporate sponsors to underwrite the daily attraction fee rather than paying it through their entertainment budget.