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Dance Heads has more than exceeded our expectations! It sets up very easily and is just as easy to operate. We operate Dance Heads at Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, NJ in a building with 3 other concessions, and it helps create a high-energy environment that draws people in and makes them want to get involved with what’s going on. It’s as if it should be an attraction with show times posted. I wish all of our outlets were this successful and easy to maintain.

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Mike Caminos
NJ Manager, Wildwood Photo

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Amusement Parks throughout the world are now adding to their attraction list by Licensing the Dance Heads equipment and concept adding even more entertainment value to their guests overall experience.

The entire Dance Heads System is turn key and very user friendly. Set in a decent traffic area, crowds will gather and lines will form culminating in a steady income stream for any venue.

In addition to the Dance Heads fun factor all parks are able to Brand all of the performer DVDs and sleeves with their corporate image at no additional cost. Theme Parks, Zoos, Boardwalks, Aquariums, and Family Fun Centers can also earn additional income by up selling Dance Heads for all Corporate Buyouts.